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At Otago Framers, all of our frames are made by hand. We start with the careful consideration of the artwork then we select the best frame for the work. We can make all types of frames. Represented here are the types we make most often for our clients.

Box Frames
Box frames are very popular for work that does not need to be mounted such as artworks with hand torn edges. This type of frame is also ideal for items such as sports medals and tapestries.

Shadow Box Frames
Ideal for paintings, oil, acrylic and mixed media works on board or canvas.

Close Frames
These frames are ideal when you prefer to see the whole artwork without the edges being covered by a mount. The artwork, once in position will be set back from the glass using spacers. Posters, prints and photographs lend themselves well to this type of frame.

Standard Frames
A popular style as it is extremely versatile. Ideal for artworks that need a mount, such as works on paper.

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Box frame by Otago Framers
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