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Framing Glass & Mount Board

At Otago Framers we are abreast of changes in the market and innovations in technique which combine to guarantee a consistent quality in the woods we cut our frames from and in the boards we use to mount and back artwork. New manufacturing processes in glass, for example, mean we can offer, where appropriate, archival grade glass with UV filter and anti reflective qualities.

There are many different types and qualities of glass used in framing. We mainly use 3 types of glass, selecting the right type for each individual work.

  • Standard Glass: 2mm float glass, a great all rounder, ideal for general framing.
  • Claryl GlassĀ®: Upper mid range glass, minimizes reflection and gives a true clear view of your artwork.
  • Water White Glass: Water white, ultra clear glass transmits 98% to 99% of light. It is anti glare and anti reflective coated. The glass is so clear and anti reflective that it is transparent to the image.

Mount Board
A vital part of the framing process, there are many different types and colours to choose from. We have a wide range in stock from universal, ideal for general framing to heritage museum board, ideal for conservation framing where the artwork is of high value.

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Framing materials at Otago Framers

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