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Sourcing: We are passionate about art and have over the years made many business contacts and friendships with artists, galleries and art suppliers. If you are looking for a special piece of artwork or know that you would like to fill a space with something special but are not sure what, then we can certainly help. We can assist in sourcing a particular piece of artwork, whether it is a particular style, artist or size.

Hanging: Particularly for our large gesso mirrors we offer a hanging service, as these frames may require extra support.

Canvas Stretching: We can make up the stretcher bars to fit the required canvas, then stretch the fabric and secure.

Dry Mounting: A popular process used for less valuable works of art such as posters, certificates and photographs where there is a chance that the paper could wrinkle over time. Dry mounting permanently removes the wrinkles. This is done by placing a filament between the back of the artwork and a board and then heat and pressure is applied to seal the artwork to a backing board.

Artwork Photography: We can arrange specialist professional photography of your artworks for fine art print production, publication or insurance purposes. We can also arrange high quality Giclée prints to be produced of your work.

Gallery Space: From time to time we have small exhibitions in our studio space which have proved very successful with aspiring artists and clients alike.


Otago Framers offer a range of additional services including Sourcing, Hanging, Canvas Stretching, Dry Mounting, Artwork Photography and Gallery Space
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